Facebook Profile vs Business Page: 8 Things You Need to Know

by Jun 17, 2019

I have see so many people that have been using Facebook profile as their business identity. This is not only a bad idea to promote your business, but it’s also a violation of Facebook’s policies. The following are the 5 things you need to know to understand the difference between Facebook profile vs Facebook business page.

What is Facebook Business Page?

As the name implies, Facebook Business page represents your business identify. It can also refer to public figures. If you have to identify yourself as a brand, then you would use this. This applies to politicians, real-estate agents, and other type of professionals. You can check out Dynamica Web Solutions Facebook page. All the post written here are posted on our business page. 

A Facebook page will have the following in their profile:

  • Logo
  • Contact Info
  • Hours of Operation
  • Website link
  • Brand story
  • Services 

The business pages have people that “Like” their page. You can invite people to like your brand page. However, since the business pages are public anyone that comes across your business page, can like them.

Pro-tip: It’s okay to invite friends and family to like your Business Page. Remember to keep private conversations on your personal Facebook page.

What are Facebook Personal profiles?

 A profile page is there for you to connect with your family and friends. Only people that you accept as friends can be connected with you. 

Facebook restricts the number of friends that your can have on a personal profile. At the moment there’s a capacity of 5,000 friends who can be added to your profile. 

In the Facebook profile page you can also There also some means to control your privacy

Important: You must have a personal Facebook profile to create and manage a Facebook Business Page


So said that, here are the 5 tips to keep your identify straight: 

  1. Never use a profile page to showcase a business since it’s against Facebook policies. You can follow this guide to setting up a business page
  2. You can control who can see your personal Facebook profile by using the Facebook’s privacy settings.
  3. Facebook business page is public, but you can use Facebook’s audience restrictions feature to control the visibility of the posts on your page based on location, age, gender and language.
  4. You can have unlimited Facebook page, but you can have only one Facebook profile page linked to your name
  5. Facebook Business page allows you to have multiple people that can control the page. The admin can decide the level of access to each one of the users