In this competitive world, it is challenging to drive traffic to your website.  As many ways exist to drive traffic to your website one of them is SEO. SEO basically stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It increases the visibility in an organic way without payment and involves both technical and creative aspects such as improving ranking, driving traffic and increasing awareness.  The concept of SEO revolves around keywords. Use those keywords which drive the most traffic.

There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO and most people are confused which information is valid and which is not. Make sure to structure your website in such a way that search engines can understand it. The concept of SEO does not only focuses on making websites that can easily be spotted by search engines but it also focuses on making the website better for the people who visit it.

While working with SEO there are so many things one should know. Even after learning those you still have to learn new strategies and tactics to keep up with the competition in the world.

SEO Process

The following are the fundamentals of SEO you should know about.

Need for SEO

The first question one faces usually is that ‘why do I need SEO?’ SEO basically optimizes your website in order for it to be ranked higher in the search engine. This can be done in a number of ways but in the end, it comes down to 2 things

  • Relevance: The quality of your work is included in this and how much it matches with the queries coming in.
  • Authority: Google has to trust your site In order to refer it to others. This can be done through high-quality content, brand mentions etc.

This is the big picture of SEO which you should always keep in mind while starting up with SEO. Let’s just suppose it’s the foundation.


Domain and Page

On Page optimization in SEO

On Page optimization in SEO

It is very important to know about domain and page authority. They play a very important role in your websites search ranking. If your domain is trustworthy it is more likely to appear in search engines. Inbound links play an important role is calculating not just the quality but the number of domains as well. If the quality and quantity of your domains are excellent it will appear in search engines more.  Page authority is also similar to this. In this, you adopt a strategy that favors your pages over the pages of other websites.


Optimization does not mean Reduction

Optimization does not mean Reduction

One of the important things you need to know regarding SEO is the onsite optimization. These are strategies that can be implemented easily in order to make your website more prominent in the search engines. You can either optimize your title or use descriptions that include keywords. These strategies help ensure that your site`s address is safe and minimal that provide people with the information they are looking for.

Content marketing and its aspects

Content Marketing Circle

Content Marketing Circle

Content marketing is extremely important when it comes to the working of SEO. The content has to be of good eminence so that the target keywords can be optimized, your website can become authoritative and you can gain an organic audience. Developing good content requires time and patience. You need to require adequate knowledge of the basics before moving on to other SEO mechanisms.

Building links

Link building involves a guest’s post which is a very important strategy. In order to be precise and concise, it is marketing involving external publishers. The ultimate aim is to write content for other websites so that your brand and company name can be built simultaneously. This creates opportunities that link your content back to your website. The strategies that will help you learn how to build links are not that many but learning and understanding those strategies are very important.

Results and its analysis

You need to learn how to measure, interpret and analyze your results if you want a firm grip over SEO components. Going through this process will help you make changes in your method if they are required. Go for Google analytics if you’re a beginner as it is the best tool for it. Do some research regarding this in order to have a better understanding? Reading articles based on analytics will help.




Target keywords are no longer that important now as compared to the past. Semantic and contextual understanding has gained much prominence in today’s world. Keywords are of two kinds one is head keyword and the other is long tail keywords.  Head keywords are short words with high volume where as long tail keywords are long and low volume keywords that are informal. They aid in bringing campaigning to your direction.

Technical SEO

It is one of the most important and critical parts of SEO. Don’t be scared by the difficult words. You can learn about it easily even if you don’t know about programming or how to develop a website.  You can learn the following easily:

  • How to replace your site’s robots.txt.file
  • How to make your sitemap with the help of an online template

Troubleshoot and adjusting

In the beginning, you will be confronted with a number of problems such as decreasing ranking, the presence of duplicate content and ranking instability. You are not the only one who faces these challenges. All the search optimizes are confronted with these issues.  Your job is to catch the problem on time and provide a solution for it quickly so that the effectiveness of your campaign is not hindered by this.

Learning all the fundamentals is order is not that important but once you learn them you will have an upper hand. Things will become easier for you and you will be able to understand your problems in a better way.

Challenges that come with SEO

Knowing about the problems that you can face can help beginners try to dodge them. Here is a list of challenges that you might be confronted with:

  • The results take time to show up. A lot of factors are affecting the performance. People spend different amounts on SEO according to their budget but these factors somehow affect the performance. Make wise choices
  • There are a lot of SEO companies which are fake. It’s your job to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
  • Set a proper budget because without it you might end up running out of the budget. Money is required for banners, blogs etc. and even your SEO expert will be charging you. So make a budget accordingly.
  • New trends keep on evolving in the SEO industry. If your SEO expert is not aware of them you will end up being outdated which will cost you money.
  • Getting results from SEO is a slow process. Some tactics are there which can help the results appear much faster such as the AdWords and campaigns of social media which are paid.
  • Social media and SEO go hand in hand. They are two wheels of the same vehicle. Social media is part of SEO.
  • Calculating the ROI which is the return on investment of SEO is a difficult task. Some SEO experts involve these calculations in the services they provide. Pick the SEO expert which provides all the services.

Tips to appoint an SEO expert

  • Don’t pick the first SEO expert you find. Go around search for more. Compare them to each other and then pick the best one.
  • Checking online reviews of SEO experts can help you a lot. As reviews will tell you the experience others had with that expert.
  • Ask around for recommendations.
  • Make sure that your SEO expert keeps everything up to date.
  • Analyze the past experience of the SEO expert and make sure that experience is authentic as mostly people lie to get work.
  • When you have made a decision, make an appointment with the expert. It can be either in person or on video or audio call.
  • After hiring an expert make sure that you take monthly updates from him/her as it will keep you aware of the progress being made.

It’s a fact that when you start up a business you tend to face a lot of difficulties. Mostly you are not prepared for them. We have provided you not only with what you need to know about SEO but also the challenges that come with it so that you are better prepared and can confront them easily.

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