As the years are passing new trends are coming in the digital marketing sector. In order to stay up in the market, a company needs to stay in touch with these new trends and try to adopt as many as possible for success.  If you want to reach more customers and increase the visibility of your company you have to join hands with the new technologies.

Here are the top new trends that are emerging in the market:

Augmented Reality

Social media is the form through which augmented reality can be integrated. What is “Augmented reality”?

“An enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images over a user’s view of the real-world, thus enhancing one’s current perception of reality.”

As mobile devices are becoming more prominent and social apps are merging with augmented reality, it is expected that the brands might start using augmented reality in order to connect to the customers in a better way. As your location would be accessible, it would be easier for brands to generate content that is sponsored with the ultimate aim that it can be accessed there and then only. It is expected that Facebook and Instagram will soon be adding this technology to their platforms. We will have a separate post on Augmented reality soon. Stay tuned.


 Market Influencer

Market Influencer

Market Influencer

Rather than paying millions of dollars to market influencer and not getting the expected results, what if we can tell you than you can adopt a different marketing technique which can provide you with better results. If these trends keep on going the market will collapse as people will hire only those individuals who are able to get results rather than hiring the influencers who raise awareness but the return of investment is less in their case.


The journey of the customer 

Markets that are determined by data are extremely powerful but the question under consideration is that how data can translate in the customer’s journey in order to be dominant in the success of the digital marketing sector in the year 2018.  Keep these things in mind:

  • In what state of mind are the customers while purchasing stuff?
  • What is more appealing to them?

Your job is to design the marketing strategy in such a way that the customers are involved all along the journey.


Ads that are targeted

Target Ads

Target Ads – Right time, Right place, Right person

Targeted ads have a specific purpose. The attention span of human beings is not that long and with time people are served with abundant ads on daily basis.  In future ads will have a specific purpose with a specific goal both in terms of mobile and desktop. It is expected that in 2018 mobile ads will grow more also in the case of Facebook, and Snapchat.


Live Video

Videos will gain more fame in the year 2018 but in addition to this will be the professional live video.  Social media is running towards live videos and more apps are adding this feature with time. It’s the best way to connect to an audience. However, the quality of how the video is directed depends on the person making it. With time you have to come up with new ways to make a video so that people are more inclined towards watching your video due to the good quality.


User interfaces based on a conversation

Some examples are the Google’s assistant, Chatbot’s etc. Their use will increase in the daily life of people. Conversation is regarded as the original user interface. It comes naturally and it will allow the people to have an interaction with the brands. This way they will be provided with more information. Even if they want to be entertained this will be the right platform to use.


 Marketing through video

Marketing through videos

Marketing through videos

Marketing through video is a popular platform which is influential in digital content. It can benefit businesses if used in the right way.  Moreover, it can have a major impact on your business too. People’s attention span is decreasing with passing time. There is a shift in the marketer’s dependency on the video content that can help in the department of search engines, allow more engagement and lastly results in more traffic.


When it comes to sales personalization is important

Personalizing has become important in today’s world as impersonalized emails and ads are for fax machines.  Your advertising campaigns should be connected to your personalized pages. The main aim is seeking attention and building a connection which is personalized. However, that can be critical in 2018 in the digital marketing sector.


Strategies based on context

It is expected that people who sell ads. It would be difficult to understand and track the behaviour of customers through cookies. The target strategies for the audience will be replaced by strategies of contextual targeting.   This will make it compulsory for advertisers to be aware of everything that is on each page in order to have a brand safety.


Experiment cost

Most digital marketers have their eye on the return of investment and are finding ways to get close to it. In order to achieve this, they are trying to discover the old metrics with reference to cost per experiment.  Old metrics include impressions, click, leads and pixels. These are tracked by marketers who are advanced. It has become important to conduct experiments as the number of channels is increasing and more tools are being added.


Advertising (Native)



One of the ways market approach and brand significance can be improved is by adding native advertising in your strategy for marketing. Another advantage of native advertising is that it can improve the engagement of people. If you use a native language while advertising it will increase the engagement with the audience. This can lead to viral sharing and develop a relationship with the target audience.





Offline Practices

There are chances that in 2018 digital won’t be regarded as a separate entity. It will be indulging in real life more. Both will be unified. It has already evolved in the sports department where online experience is needed before the event and even during it. More marketers will be experimenting with that in 2018.


Audio marketing

According to Google, around 20 percent of searches are voice searches. People are moving towards searching for things via audio. It is expected that this percentage is going to increase in this year. It is the job of the marketers to make content that is linked to such searches. It is important to advertise in non-traditional sectors as well.


Forms of content marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

As the world is evolving and people are becoming more inclined towards videos. With this content marketing is not only limited to writing blog posts. With voice search, a lot of strategies are coming forward featuring snippets. It also includes tutorials that people can watch while doing ordinary tasks. The UI features will make the content more approachable and interesting for the people.

These trends are put forward by the members of the Forbes agency counsel.  We have almost reached the mid of 2018. Let’s see how many of these trends will be incorporated in the digital marketing sector.  Keeping these trends in mind while developing a market strategy will give you an upper hand. It’s better that you do a market trend analysis in which you have to analyze the past and the current trends. This blog has provided you with the expected future trends as well so that will help you create an effective strategy.


Tips for analyzing the market trends

In order to analyze the market trends, you have to analyze the following

  • Needs and behaviour of consumers: If you identify the needs and behaviour you will be able to cater to all their needs according to their changing behaviour.
  • Changes in consumer perception: It is your job to put the product or service in the mind of the consumer in such a way that they are willing to purchase it.
  • Trends in cost drivers in the industry: You have to be aware of the cost drivers that will help you lower the cost or find an alternative.
  • Evolution of the industry and how it is changing: Analyze the new innovations that are being made and what new features are being added. In addition to this, you have to analyze new operation and delivery methods.

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your business and can’t decide how to do it here is the solution