Why having a Website Care plan is KEY to a successful website

by Aug 29, 2017

Websites have become the first medium of interaction between the customer and the company. The first impression is always the last impression.

Whenever you need a service or product you automatically search for it. If the user doesn’t find the website appealing enough, then the chances that they will come back to your website again is very limited. Also, do you think that after putting so much time and effort on creating a beautiful website, your responsibility is over?


The why

As long as the website exists, there’s a need to keep caring for it. Just like a car. You wouldn’t drive your car very long if you didn’t look after its maintenance, would you? Well, the same process is true for your website. Your website should always be live, ready for customers and presenting your business at its finest.

The Myth

Websites Are Not a “Set and Forget”. Websites are not something that you do once and then you forget about it. Do you think customers will automatically keep coming forever and ever and no efforts are required on your part?  Unless you have website maintenance carried out monthly, you may actually be throwing money out the window.

As you may or may not know, WordPress, the Theme that you installed and your plug-ins have updates.  WordPress History of updates is very lengthy and it shows you how frequent they are.

However, these updates need to be promoted carefully into production and make sure that they have been tested before that.

It so happens, however, that you are a busy professional with little or no time to tend to the overall welfare of your website. 


The Benefits

Many people don’t realize the benefits of site maintenance.

In order to maintain high performance, fast load time, no downtime and 99% uptime, WordPress software and plugins should be functioning properly and updated constantly.

The website needs to be fueled with fresh content, analytics content and design changes. These are all dependent on someone makings sure that all the updates and changes are made smoothly and seamlessly with error-free fashion.


The Solution we provide for the above benefits

At Dynamica Web Solutions we first do a backup of the website before we do any critical updates. We keep track of the plugins we update, so if there’s ever anything wrong with it, we can go back and revert it.

In our monthly report, we do a thorough performance and security scans. If we catch any plugin issue, it becomes a support ticket and we address it before you ever know there’s a problem.

This is what we do on the background:

  • Round the Clock Monitoring – With a great WordPress Service plan, you get full knowledge of your website status regularly, if your website is online or offline, and be rest assured that we always on top of the situation. If your website is offline, we will get it back online in no time.
  • Software Updates – We will be carrying out the task of updating the software and plugins for you effectively. This secures your website and reduces your vulnerability to hackers.
  • WordPress Security – Hackers lookout for lags in software, theme, plugin or file updates. In order to curb this, when such detection of old versions are made, we will work as quickly as possible to create an updated version to correct the vulnerability
  • Scheduled Backups – This offers you safety in case of any turbulence, our reliable cloud-based service allows you to regain your website information in no time. Backups are of utmost importance because should you have any problem and your website information, the time your website is down is equivalent to a loss of revenue.
  • WordPress Support – We will provide top-notch customer service with our WordPress support facility. We are open to interactions and are always available to tackle any problems you report. We can also guide you on creating your web site. Check out our article on 7 Basic Steps To Start Creating a Website.


The Danger of “Do it yourself” maintenance

Maintaining your site yourself could cost you more than you may think. If you just update from your WordPress admin, you wouldn’t have a record of what was done. If an update to a plugin created an issue a couple weeks later, it would be difficult to know what changed and how you should revert back without restoring a very old backup (and possibly losing content changes, sales orders, contact entries, you name it).

It would cost you more to fix than to maintain

Inexperience and neglect can damage the look and functionality of your website. When that happens, you have a choice to make. One, you try and fix it yourself, in which case you may do further damage. Or two, you can then pay (sometimes hefty) price for someone experienced to fix it. Just like your car, it costs more to fix it than it does to maintain it properly. Regular oil changes help keep your car running properly, regular site maintenance helps keeps your web site running properly.

Call in a Professional

Websites cannot just be created and forgotten, they require care and attention to ensure smooth running and business success optimization. So relax and leave the hard work to us, by taking advantage of our WordPress Website Care Plan.

If you’re interested in securing a maintenance contract for your web site, contact us to learn how we can keep your site in proper working order.